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At Saxe Coburg Corporate, we use a simple 4 step process, which offers a unique approach

to selling your business and can help you realise maximum value.

1. Understanding your business and building a profile 

Our first aim is to fully ascertain your objectives and what you want to achieve through the sale of your company. We then need to understand your business in enormous detail from an operational, financial and strategic perspective. Only by doing this can we ensure that our bespoke service is specifically tailored to your requirements.


We will undertake a full and in depth client meeting in order to understand:


  • Shareholders’ objectives

  • Motivations and timescales for sale

  • Possible deal structures of interest

  • Confidentiality requirements

  • Detailed company review and assessment to determine key attributes and ‘value drivers’

  • Price expectations

  • Solution and service requirements

Following this, we will professionally produce a number of presentational documents, which will illustrate the key aspects of your company acquisition opportunity. Our designated Document Writers and marketing professionals will liaise closely with you to create the documents, ensuring they are of the highest design quality and creatively informative in order to capture and retain the interest of any prospective buyer. We will creatively produce two types of 'market leading' quality documents, ready to send out to prospective buyer, as follows:



Saxe Coburg ‘Teaser’ Document

This is a generic document that highlights key information, salient points and the value drivers of your company.

The company name or specific identifiers will not be disclosed in this document, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained.



Saxe Coburg Report

This is the sales prospectus and will contain detailed information on all aspects of your company.

We put ourselves in the eyes of the range of acquirers in order to provide a detailed overview of your company and highlight many reasons

why a prospective purchaser should consider your acquisition and further their interest.

This document is sent to appropriate interested parties only once you have reviewed and approved them.

2. Market Research


Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive ‘Buyer Reach’ within the industry. With a combination of superior marketing techniques and expert buyer identification practices, we will explore every possible avenue in our search for your perfect buyer. We leave no stone unturned through a meticulous research process in looking to discover an extensive range of prospects, including trade acquirers, financial buyers and institutional investors.

3. Targeting prospective buyers


Following our market research, Saxe Coburg Corporate will ensure that the maximum level of potential interested parties are identified from here in the UK and via our global research resources and Bizpedia alliance network in order to ensure that we facilitate multiple ‘competitive’ offers to you, which is absolutely key to driving the sale value of your company.


We will initially send prospective buyers the Saxe Coburg ‘Teaser’ Document before following it up with the Saxe Coburg Report  if there level of interested is perceived as high.

4. Managing your exit


Once we have delivered a number of interested parties to you, the offer and acceptance process starts to take shape. Saxe Coburg Corporate will drive forward the process to ensure momentum is maintained, which is aiding by preparing you throughout the sale process and by lifting much of the workload from you, allowing you to run your business and deliver the expected performance.


We understand the due diligence process and have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your sale is handled with the care and attention that it deserves. We can also offer to include legal services, which allows us complete visibility on your behalf throughout the sale process and together we can produce solutions, define the commercial reality of your transaction and do whatever is necessary to get deals across the line.


Saxe Coburg Corporate will actively co-ordinate:


  • Buyer Meetings and Offers

  • Offer Negotiation

  • Heads of Terms

  • Due Diligence

  • Completion



But what comes after you have sold? A holiday?

or perhaps a new business...

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